Mass Effect 3 will allow you to gain the allegiance of humanity and other alien civilizations, but it's also possible to lose entire races to the Reapers towards the end of the game if you don't make the correct decisions.

The details come from this month's OXM (via a post on NeoGAF), which also reveals weapons will be modified with scopes, barrels, and grips. It's also possible to customise the colour and camouflage of your guns.

Shepard will also be more manoeuvrable than before, with the ability to jump and roll alongside blind-firing his modified weaponry around corners.

You'll be using your newfound guns and abilities on Reaper husks and Cerberus operatives, the pro-human alliance that have turned their back on Shepard after Mass Effect 2 for currently unspecified reasons. Cerberus operatives will come in three distinct but common body types: heavy, medium, and light.

OXM also hints that there might be an eyepiece that allows non-sniper weapons to scope in further, and the magazine also suggests that armour is going to have a bigger effect on the game than before.

The magazine also promises that BioWare is going to reveal much more about the game at this year's E3 conference.

While originally scheduled for a 2011 release, Mass Effect was recently delayed into early 2012.

Details of Mass Effect 3 have been steadily trickling in since April. has its own wishlist of what we want to see in the conclusion to BioWare's sci-fi trilogy.

Like you, I'm more than happy to scrub through any and all Mass Effect 3 information. From what OXM is hinting, Mass Effect 2's structure of recruiting allies and turning them loyal is going to be replaced by entire races - and that's a very exciting prospect, if you ask me.