It's Tuesday, which means GTA Online players have yet another update to tuck into for Rockstar's perennially popular crime caper. This week's update is heavy on the weapon discounts for all you gun-toting sociopaths out there, while there's also another fancy motor up for grabs. 

Pay a visit to Legendary Motorsport and you'll be able to pick up the Ubermacht Revolter, which takes the form of an executive sports car with upgrades featuring a front-mounted machine gun. Meanwhile, you can rake in double GTA$ and RP until January 29 for Air Quota and all Rockstar-made Stunt/Land Races. 

In addition, be sure to nab the weapon upgrade discounts at MOC or Avenger's Weapon Workshop, where you can get up to 30 percent off the following: MK II upgrades, MK II magazines, MK II Scopes, MK II Muzzles, and MK II Weapon Liveries. 

More discounts can be found at Warstock Cache & Carry, which is offering 25 percent off the Benefactor Turreted Limo and HVY APC. Finally, the Premium Race this week is Tube Rider locked to the Ruiner 2000, while Coast to Coast is your new Time Trial challenge. 

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