While we are pretty sure Metal Gear Solid 4 is safe, Konami has reportedly axed development on a number of its previously announced PS3 and Wii games.

The news was announced in the latest issue of Famitsu, but no official reason for dropping the titles was given, although the lack of details released on them to date suggests work had not progressed that far

Unless you were really looking forward to Jikyou Powerful Pro Baseball, the news should not cause too much heartbreak as most of the six PS3 and Wii games only had vague titles like 'New Action Adventure Game 2' and 'New Role Playing Game'.

However, retro fans will probably be gutted to hear that a PS3 version of side-scrolling legend Gradius is one of those on the must-axe list. A support hotline for bereaved gamers has not been set up.