Konami has announced release dates for its first three Kinect titles, starting with DanceEvolution and Crossboard 7 alongside the launch of the motion controller on November 10.

Sports Island Freedom will follow a few weeks later on November 25.

DanceEvolution challenges the player to follow on-screen routines and perfectly time their movements to match those of the game's dancers. Crossboard 7 uses the player's movements to steer their on-screen creature who is barrelling down a series of courses. The player's jumps and movements are reflected on-screen.

Sports Island Freedom offers ten new sporting events designed to make varied use of Kinect. Players compete in games of Tennis, Boxing, Archery, Paint Ball, Beach Volleyball, Dodge Ball, Kendo, Mogul Skiing, Snowboard Cross and Figure Skating.

Konami will be hoping to cash-in on the early adopter market, with players looking for new experiences beyond the bundled Kinect Adventures. As with Wii, the quality of the titles is unlikely to matter, but success will be dependent on in-store presence and bundling.