Konami has today announced the development of Contra 4 (working title) for release on Nintendo DS later this year. The game will take the action-packed gameplay to a new level with two screens full of gun-based destruction.

The game takes place two years after the events of Contra III and after saving the earth from invasion, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are faced with a new alien enemy: the Black Viper. Joined by the mercenaries, Mad Dog and Scorpion, war must once again be waged.

The use of both DS screens allows for massive boss battles and frenetic action, with enemies attacking from all directions. New to the series is the grappling hook, enabling players to grab onto the environment to avoid oncoming dangers or to find new vantage points.

The Contra series has always embraced multiplayer and the DS incarnation will be no different, with two players able to battle together against the Black Viper's army.

Look out for Contra 4 later this year.