Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason, a trial version of the delayed Xbox One launch title from Rare, will be available to download at the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft has announced.

Preseason features the Wake Racing sport - one of six to be included in the full game - and will also offer players exclusive in-game rewards and monthly multiplayer challenges through March 2014.

If you download Preseason between November 22 and 30 you'll unlock bonuses such as a "Founder" player title, themed wetsuit and a wake racer.

You'll also be able to challenge digital versions of Major Nelson and AceyBongos.

Supporting Kinect Sports Rivals will be the Kinect Sports Rivals Hub, available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace and offering a comprehensive way to keep track of global and local challenges.

Kinect Sports Rivals will be released in spring 2014, complete with climbing, wake racing, soccer, target shooting, bowling and tennis disciplines.

Source: Xbox Wire