How cool would it be to fling web like Spider-Man in a Kinect or PlayStation Move-controlled video game? The idea sounds plausible, but it's not something we'll be seeing in this year's Spider-Man: Edge of Time from Beenox and publisher Activision.

"Unfortunately our game was long in development before Kinect or Move were ever announced so that kind of motion control stuff was never planned for and wasn't possible for our game, but I think in the future as that becomes more popular we'll definitely try to see if there's any opportunity there," Activision associate producer Dennis Bernardo told earlier this week.

However, Bernardo admits it won't be easy to bring the superhuman abilities of Spider-Man to motion controls.

"I think one of the things that's really hard is that Spider-Man can move in ways that are hard for a normal human being to do. He wall crawls, he's very acrobatic, he can flip himself. How you do that at home?" explained Bernardo. "I think it would be a bit hard."

Spider-Man: Edge of Time will be released this autumn.

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