Two new multiplayer maps for PlayStation Vita shooter Killzone Mercenary will be released for free in early 2014, SCEE has announced.

The new maps will form a part of Update 5, a "big" update that includes the maps, an offline 'Botzone' mode and new 'Guerrila Warfare' modes.

Before that, however, comes Update 3, which has been designed to free up around 800MB of storage space for those who have already installed Updates 1 & 2. Update 3 is due to release "in the next few weeks".

After that is Update 4, which will improve matching, add an automatic team-rebalancing feature and reduce connectivity problems. That's due to roll out in January.

Then, once all five updates have rolled out, Guerrilla plans to release Update 6 within the "first few months" of 2014, which adds support for Killzone Mercenary on Vita TV and includes additional tweaks.

For a first look at the new maps, head through to our screenshot gallery.