Sony has detailed the trophies that have been added to the HD PlayStation 3 version of Killzone. The game will be released as part of the Killzone Trilogy on October 24, or standalone for £11.99.

Bronze -Captain -Complete all levels on the easy difficulty

Bronze -Toothpick Master -20 kills with the M32 combat knife

Bronze -Backstabber -20 kills with the FSK-7 Fury

Bronze -Bullheaded -20 headshots with the M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol

Bronze -Tripletapper -Get three headshots in one magazine, using the secondary fire on the IvP-18 Tropov pistol

Bronze -3 Birds With One Stone - Kill three Helghast with one cooked M194 Percussion Grenade

Bronze -One For You And One For You -Kill two Helghast with one Double Shot from the M13 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Bronze -Disproportionate Force -Kill one unfortunate Helghast soldier with three rockets from the BLR-06 Hadra

Bronze -Eco-Warrior -Hit 15 Helghast soldiers without reloading, using the secondary fire on the M66 SD Submachine gun

Bronze -Call Of The Siren -Kill 25 Helghast soldiers with the VnD-10M Siren

Bronze -Explosive Consequences -Kill five Helghast soldiers with one grenade using the attachment on the M82-G Assault Rifle

Bronze -Right In The Jewels -Use the M224-A3 Heavy Support Weapon to melee 20 Helghast soldiers

Bronze -Designation: Demolition - Destroy three towers using the BDL-23 Dohvat

Bronze -The Reds Of Their Eyes -10 headshots with the STA-52 SLAR Sniper rifle

Bronze -2 For The Price Of 1 -Kill two Helghast with one shot from the BP-02 Pup launcher

Bronze -Beep Beep Beeeep -Kill 10 Helghast with the secondary fire on the M327 Grenade Launcher

Bronze -Get Out Of My Comfort Zone -Kill a Helghast within 1m with the M404-MAW M. Anti Tank Weapon... and don't die.

Bronze -Artillery Artist -Kill a Helghast from 200m+ away with the Pnv-3 Siska

Bronze -Covering Fire -Kill 10 Helghast with the M224 Mounted Machine Gun

Bronze -Something Borrowed -Kill 20 Helghast soldiers with the VnS-10 Scylla Mounted Machine Gun

Bronze -Short Controlled Bursts -Finish a level above 50% hit ratio

Bronze -Economical Soldier -Finish a level above 75% hit ratio

Bronze -1 V 50 -Kill 50 Helghast soldiers without dying

Bronze -Brouhaha -Kill 30 Helghast soldiers in under a minute

Bronze -Burn Baby Burn -Destroy your first enemy APC

Bronze -Tanks For The Good Times -Destroy two Helghast Tanks attacking the Industrial level

Bronze -Elite? HA! -Take down your first two Helghast Elite

Bronze -That Got Their Attention -Destroy the Missile launching APCs in the Misty Waters Firebase

Bronze -They're On Our Side Now -Switch allegiance of Helghast Sentry bots as Hakha

Bronze -Anti-Air Specialist -Bring two Dropships crashing down in the Mist Waters Firebase

Bronze -Bounty Hunted -Kill the IFO Bounty Hunter

Bronze -Abridged Bridge -Collapse the Helghast bridge in the Jungle Valley

Bronze -Supply And Demand -Blow up the ammo dumps in the Forward Logistics Base

Bronze -Generally Better -Kill General Lente and his bodyguards

Bronze -Orbital Strike -Take down General Adams with a melee attack

Bronze -Helghast Assault -Complete Chapter 1

Bronze -Vekta Evacuates - Complete Chapter 2

Bronze -New Allies -Complete Chapter 3

Bronze -Strange Company -Complete Chapter 4

Bronze -Escape -Complete Chapter 5

Bronze -Misty Waters -Complete Chapter 6

Bronze -Hunting The Traitor -Complete Chapter 7

Bronze -Forging A Path -Complete Chapter 8

Bronze -Hidden Pasts -Complete Chapter 9

Bronze -Onwards And Upwards -Complete Chapter 10

Bronze -Hope Complete Chapter 11

Bronze -Rapid Reaction Force -Complete Chapter 1 to 11 playing as Templar

Bronze -Shadow Marshal - Complete Chapter 3 to 11 playing as Luger

Bronze -ISA Regular -Complete Chapter 4 to 11 playing as Rico

Bronze -Field Operative -Complete Chapter 5 to 11 playing as Hakha

Bronze -Helghast Champion -Win a battlefields game playing on the Helghast's side with the enemy Ai set to hard

Bronze -ISA Saviour -Win a battlefields game playing on the ISA's side with the enemy Ai set to hard

Bronze -Two's Company -Win a battlefields game with another player in split screen

Silver -Scavenger -Pick up 10,000 rounds for the STA-52 LAR rifle

Silver -4 X 4 X 4 -Kill four Helghast in under four seconds with the EAW-25/4 Chimera

Silver -Nobody Hides From Me -Finish a level above 90% hit ratio

Silver -Colonel -Complete all levels on the medium difficulty

Gold -General -Complete all levels on the hard difficulty

Platinum -Platinum -Collect all trophies in Killzone