Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has stated that it still has confidence in PSN despite its recent downtime.

Speaking with VideoGamer.com, studio producer Andreas Thorsen said the downtime did not affect his confidence in the PS3 as a digital platform.

"I still have confidence in PSN as a commercial platform. No problems at all," said Thorsen. "I think it will work perfectly even after the downtime and everything in accordance to that."

Renegade Ops is the studio's first downloadable title, available for PSN, XBLA and Steam this summer, but not part of Summer of Arcarde.

While Playstation has managed to get PSN back up and running it is still facing issues. As of now the PSN store is still out of commission and likely won't be restored until the end of the month. It will likely take a bit more time for confidence to be fully restored among users.