Strider and Towerfall Ascension will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in July, according to an image posted to NeoGAF.

Ps plus july

Hustle Kings (PS3, Vita), Velocity Ultra (PS3, Vita), Table Ice Hockey (Vita) and Mind=0 (Vita) are also listed on PlayStation Asia as freebies, though the two PS4 games has been removed from the post.

According to the posting, there will also be discounts for various games. Draw Slasher, Anomaly Warzone Earth and Super Motherload will all receive a 30 per cent discount while Resogun will be discounted by 10 per cent.

There is no confirmation as to whether the US and Europe will receive the same content, if the report is true, though, expect to see Mind=0 swapped for a more Western title.