by on Mar 22, 2019

Judgment’s US and UK release has not been delayed

Sega has revealed that Judgment is still launching in the US and UK on June 25, following the news that one of the game's actors had been arrested on drug offenses

Over in Japan, Judgment had been pulled off store shelves and digital outlets due to the charges brought against Pierre Taki last week. At the time, the fate of the western release remained up in the air, with Sega only saying the game's launch was 'under consideration.'

As a result of Taki's arrest, his character in Judgment will be adjusted and given a new Japanese voice, although it doesn't seem like this will delay the game's release over here.

Judgment launched in Japan on PlayStation 4 last December, and is set in the same universe as the Yakuza franchise. While it features plenty of fisticuffs like its Sega stable mate, Judgment also features detective-based gameplay, as your character is a private detective investigating a string of murders. 

In related news, Sega confirmed that a new Yakuza game is currently in development for the PS4.


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