Joe Danger: The Movie is coming to PlayStation Network, Hello Games has announced.

As well as featuring every piece of content contained within the Xbox LIVE Arcade release, the PSN version will also contain 10 hours of extra content, including - Hello Games suggests - content built around the original game's bike.

"It's coming really soon too, like in the next couple of weeks I hope," said Hello Games' founder Sean Murray.

"We're working like crazy on it at the moment, and surprised ourselves with how well it's going. Sony are being awesome and pulling out all the stops too."

Joe Danger 2: The Movie launched on XBLA on 14 September. It was assumed that the game was an Xbox 360-exclusive.

"Literally up until today we weren't allowed to talk about the PS3 version," continued Murray. "Now I finally get to scream from the mountaintops 'Joe Danger 2 is coming to PS3 really soon, and with the final version!'. It feels so good.

"Genuinely I've hated not being able to talk about PSN. If I've learned one lesson, it's don't ever piss off PlayStation fans. They really made Hello Games, and we're hopefully going to be able to set things straight with them now."

You can take a look at the first screenshots from the PSN version of Joe Danger: The Movie in our screenshot gallery.