The reason given for the delay is "to provide additional development time for those titles." Jaws Unleashed was originally planned for an August release on PC, PS2 and Xbox. The game puts you in control of the infamous shark which has a liking of human meat; quite a change in direction for Appaloosa Interactive who developed the tranquil Ecco the Dolphin games.

The other delayed game, Infected, is a third person shooter for the PSP, where a virus is turning New Yorkers into a bunch of killers. Infected has a rather unique sounding multiplayer element called 'chain reactions' where you create a character who can be sent to a mate's PSP and cause grief in his single-player game.

Majesco need a big seller as net revenues for the third quarter are down from $34 million to $4.6 million, with poor sales of games such as the critically acclaimed Psychonauts being blamed for the poor performance.