DICE could be developing a multiplayer-based Battlefield title targeted at mobile and handheld platforms, job ads for the studio have suggested.

The three job ads, which were posted on EA's careers website last week, each reveal that DICE is looking for "handheld" programmers to help "expand [the studio's products] outside the HD platforms and deliver the same quality experience on mobile devices.

"You will be part of a small team within a major franchise responsible for the development and growth of DICE's presence on mobile platforms."

The specifics of the ads drop further hints that DICE could be working on a mobile Battlefield, with one stating that the candidate will "design, develop and support online features such as authentication, matchmaking, server browser, statistics, etc. for DICE's future products".

Another states that the prospective employee will be responsible for "all aspects of the user interface concerning the application front-end, e.g., End-of-Round Screens, score boards, server browsers, etc."

Experience of at least one mobile platform - either iOS or Android - is also required.

If true, this would be the first time DICE has developed a game for mobile/handheld platforms.

The iOS version of Mirror's Edge was developed by Australian dev team IronMonkey Studios, while previous iOS Battlefield game, Battlefield 3: Aftershock, was developed by Digital Legends Entertainment.

In addition to the unannounced mobile title, DICE is currently developing Battlefield 4. The game is expected to ship between April 2013 and March 2014.

Rival publisher Activision is expected to have a mobile Call of Duty title in development at new studio Activision Leeds.