SEGA has announced details of the upcoming Iron Man 2 video game, revealing that renowned comic book author Matt Fraction will be creating the game's all-new story, which will include familiar elements from both the movie and comic book universe.

In addition to the new story, Iron Man 2 promises to allow players to truly feel the power of Iron Man with new destructible environments, epic enemies, and innovative hand-to-hand combat moves.

The second game will take gamers deeper into the Iron man comic world, giving players the chance to fight against enemies such as Crimson Dynamo, not found in the film. The original plot line sees Tony Stark gifting the world with new technology in order to make it a better place. However, his philanthropic nature isn't enough to keep the bad guys away as Iron Man's enemies have devious designs on the technology.

"Iron Man 2 presented me with the challenge and opportunity to work with both SEGA and Marvel on creating something wholly unique - a story that exists at the cross-roads of the comic I write, the film universe which I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to, and a wholly-immersive interactive experience like a game," said Fraction. "A game presents an entirely new challenge, where the audience/consumer/player engages with the world, with the big and small aspects of the place and characters. They're a co-conspirator in the narrative. I hope it's as exciting and challenging to play as it was to write."

In Iron Man 2 players will take full advantage of the Iron Man suit as they battle through futuristic environments inspired by the movie and comic book universe. These environments will also offer a new level of destructibility. Also new to the game are powerful hand-to-hand combat styles including kung fu.

Players of the original game will also be pleased to hear that fan feedback has been taken into consideration, leading to a redesigned control scheme.

Iron Man 2, the video game, will be released in spring 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and Nintendo DS.