Destiny 2 is bringing back Iron Banner again today, although Bungie has confirmed that there will be a number of changes in store for the hard-as-nails PvP event.

Lord Saladin will re-introduce Iron Banner today at 6.00pm BST, and will pack his bags again on September 25. This time around, your Power level will matter, resulting in what Bungie describes as an 'arms race' that requires you to strap on your most powerful gear to survive.

In addition to having your Power level matter, Iron Banner is also offering up seven weekly bounties to tackle, with each one netting you an Iron Banner-themed goodie.

In addition, Lord Saladin will also be flogging new armour directly to Guardians, plus two weapons featuring unique rolls per event. Those of you who have any Season 3 tokens remaining can redeem them here for reputation packages; these can also be used to earn new armour and weapons during the event.

Finally, Bungie revealed that post-launch drops are also returning to Iron Banner, so you'll have the chance to earn both Crucible and Iron Banner-specific gear after a match has wrapped.

Destiny 2's latest expansion is available now for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Furthermore, Bungie plans to support the shared-world shooter for the next 12 months via the Annual Pass, though this won't include any new planets to explore.

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