The third patch for InFamous 2, which is live now, adds several new features to the user generated content side of the game.

Most notably, players will now be able to include bosses from the main game in their creations.

"Everyone loves bosses and we are giving you two!" Sucker Punch explains on its website. "The Devourer and Titan are now placeable characters in UGC! These are mammoth characters that can be used in any way you can think of. Have the two be friends, have them fight each other, have them protect Cole. It is all up to you!"

The update also adds a feature called 'Mission Linking', which lets players queue up similar missions. After linking and completing a level, the game will then ask if they'd like to be taken straight to the next linked mission.

A Mission Review system has also been added, which allows players to submit a short review of any level they undertake. This will allow players to find the best missions with more ease, and let their creators know what the best/worst things about that level were.

InFamous 2 was released back in July, and received a 7/10 in our review.