How to upgrade BioShock & BioShock 2 to remastered editions

How to upgrade BioShock & BioShock 2 to remastered editions
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Steam versions of BioShock and BioShock 2 will automatically be upgraded to the new HD versions’ features in the imminent BioShock Collection, but those who don’t have Steam editions will be required to do a bit of work.

Steam Versions:

If you own BioShock, BioShock 2 and/or Minerva’s Den you already own the remastered edition of the associated game. They will be added to your Steam Library automatically when they are released.

Retail disc release:

For BioShock you will need to fill out a support ticket to prove your ownership and – once validated – 2K will send you a Steam key.

If you own BioShock 2 on a retail disc for PC you need to follow the Games for Windows LIVE guide previously published by 2K.

Digital Version not from Steam:

Over the years 2K has offered DRM-free versions of BioShock from a few Digital Partners, and even offered some SecuRom Digital versions. You should reach out to those websites support rings and they should be able to provide you a new Steam key.

There will be no updated PC version of BioShock Infinite as 2K deems this game to be of current-gen standards.

Source: 2K Support