A title update which resolves save-corrupting crashes in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Hitman Absolution will be released next week, Square Enix has announced.

Posting on the game's official forums, a Square Enix rep said that the publisher had been "working hard to fix crash issues", and has "pinpointed a number of things which were causing the random game crashes".

"We've worked through all of the reported crash issues and are happy to say we've fixed all of them," the rep said.

"Once the patch is released we will of course continue to monitor your feedback so keep in touch and should you experience anything post-patch (crashes, corrupted saves or similar), let us know immediately and we'll respond and investigate. As we've fixed everything we have seen reported, we anticipate this to be very rare (if at all)."

The game's random crashes had been a major issue for many players, which caused save games to become corrupt following the crash. But by fixing the crashes, Square says that the save corruption issue should also be resolved.

It's unlikely that players who have had their save data wiped will be able to get their data back, though. Square previously told one player whose save had been corrupted that "if a save is corrupt, there will be no way to recover your current progress".

A patch for the PC version was released last week.

Source: forums.eidosgames.com