High on Life gets a release date of October 25 on Xbox Series X/S and PC

High on Life gets a release date of October 25 on Xbox Series X/S and PC
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Developer Squanch Games has declared that upcoming offbeat bounty hunting sci-fi shooter High on Life will arrive on October 25.

The developer revealed the date alongside a new animated short related to the game. But keeping with the Justin Roiland-led developer’s shtick of offbeat humour, this wasn’t some new gameplay or even story details as such. No, rather the short is one of many non-sequiturs that will pop up throughout the course of the game. These shorts will be a little like the Interdimensional Cable skits from Rick & Morty, appearing on monitors throughout the world.

If you missed the original reveal, High on Life sees you become a reluctant alien bounty hunter. An alien drugs cartel has invaded the earth, and their drug of choice happens to be humans. It comes down to you to go on a mission across plenty of weird and wonderful planets to track down the members of the cartel and, in turn, save the Earth.

Along the way, you’ll meet a host of weird and wacky characters, not least in the form of your weapons. They’re sentient, you see, and will chatter away as you use, reload and otherwise wield them against your enemies. If you’re into Roiland’s signature brand of humour, you have a good idea what to expect. You can check out the ‘Guy in a Hole’ short for yourself down below.

High on Life arrives on Xbox Series X/S and PC on October 25, 2022. It’ll also be available from Day One via Xbox Game Pass.