Gears 5 was one of the biggest reveals at Microsoft's E3 bash last week, only one thing was a little curious: It's not called Gears of War 5. 

Naturally this set tongues wagging as to why The Coalition has apparently decided to eschew the 'of War' bit of the title. Fortunately, Rod Fergusson hopped on Twitter to shed some light on the situation.

In short? It's all to do with the various products the company is juggling, plus the fact most people called it Gears anyway.

Gears 5 doesn't have a release date yet, but we know it's coming at some point in 2019.

Interestingly, the game features Kait as the main protagonist this time around, although Marcus and JD will also be rocking up to curb-stomp some alien foes while looking ridiculously swole in the process.

Speaking of swole, The Coalition revealed that Gears 5 will be flexing some serious visual muscle on PC.

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