Halo 2's Headlong map will feature in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary under the new name of Breakneck, 343 Industries has revealed today at the Tokyo Game Show.

343 also showed the remastered Pillar of Autumn, the opening level of Halo: Anniversary.

In addition, 343 confirmed the October 4 beta playlists relating to the impending title update for Halo: Reach - details of which were covered in more detail here. The beta will be open to all Halo: Reach players with an active Xbox LIVE Gold membership, and will culminate with the launch of a full suite of classic playlists and map variants when Halo: Anniversary arrives on 15 November.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be released November 15 for Xbox 360. If you're after even more on Halo, then check out our 10 years of Halo feature.