Hangar 13’s next game is apparently not a Mafia game

Hangar 13’s next game is apparently not a Mafia game
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Hangar 13’s next game is the beginning of a “key new IP” that will be a triple-A open world experience (via Segment Next).

The developer is looking for an executive producer who would take charge of this new franchise, as well as the “post-launch content and future franchise planning.” Applicants would need to be experienced in building “new IP” and “AAA open world or sandbox games.” Given that this franchise is intended to grow beyond its first title, we could expect that the game uses live services, or is being built for the next generation of consoles.

This is intriguing, because Take-Two Interactive said that Hangar 13 would be unveiling a new game in the coming months. Most of us assumed that it would be a new entry to the Mafia series. The studio made Mafia 3, but the game got a lukewarm welcome, due to technical issues and unimaginative game design. Still, it sold extremely well, and Hangar 13 was then split into two in 2017. One team focused on post-launch extras for Mafia 3, while the other team began work on Mafia 4.

Yet, the new Mafia game was reportedly binned, because the developer became enamoured with its own original idea for a game. Take-Two Interactive then registered three trademarks in relation to the Mafia franchise in 2019. Two of the trademarks are for “Mafia” and their respective text-based logos. The first one is identical to the font used for the first two entries in the franchise, but, the second one uses a different font. The third trademark directly references Mafia 2 and uses the same silhouette logo from 2010.

The signs seem to point towards a remastered or an entirely new Mafia game that is in development, but if that’s the case, Hangar 13 is not in charge of the project. We’ll keep you in the loop once we know more.