Post release Halo Wars developer robot entertainment has released the official Halo Wars Title Update 3 patch notes, also confirming that the update should be rolled-out in a few weeks.

Balance Changes:

- UNSC Warthogs Gauss cannon damage against tanks and other heavily armoured vehicles reduced by 25%

- UNSC Warthogs build time increased by 3 seconds to 25 seconds

- Anders research time bonus decreased to 25% from 50%. Her Research cost bonus remains unchanged at 50%

- Covenant and UNSC turrets have 5% increased health and 5% increased damage

- UNSC Elephants have a 20% more health

- Grenade damage type now has 25% additional damage against Warthogs and other medium armour ground vehicles.

- Recycle basic cost return fixed to be 50% for constructed buildings.

- Locked down bases when unlocked will now release units inside very quickly, which means that when under attack a player can now build a fighting force while locked down and then release them much more quickly than before

- UNSC Leader powers disabled at the start of Reinforcement Matches

- Players no longer receive points for team killing.

- Self Destructing/Recycling buildings now gives points to opponents

Bug Fixes:

- Players should now find it much easier to play System Link games

- Fixed Covenant Shield Generator Exploit

- Invisible Units should now have invisible health bars

- Players will no longer be able to scout opposing bases by using the area-select tool