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Halo Infinite map sheds a little light on mission types

Halo Infinite, with its open world, appears to be offering a variety of mission types outside of the campaign (via VG247).

In the Xbox Games Showcase, we got our first glimpse at what the game looks like and how it’ll feel to play. In this presentation, the player quickly consulted the map before continuing on with the main mission. Reddit user ChipDibbles snapped a screenshot of this moment, and encouraged others to try and work out what all the different icons and mission types are on the map. 

The map itself isn’t that interesting. It’s a blue topographical interpretation of the environment, and the bits that the player hasn’t explored are in shadow. However, in the south west, there is a icon which looks like a reticule with the name “Okro Vagaduun” attached. This may be an assassination mission where this named individual must be removed to gain access to this corner of the world. Moreover, there is a Marine Rescue mission in the north west area of the map. How these will be structured is unknown at the moment. 

There are also a number of points of interest, like The Tower, Conservatory, and Green Spire. These ones have red icons, whereas the two bases, Echo and Golf, are marked in blue. It’s possible that the player may be able to conquer these points of interest from enemies, and generate resources dependent on their type. The bases haven’t had a lot said about them either, and they might act as fast travel points where the player is able to stock up before setting out once more. All in all, it seems that this section of the map is chockablock, so here’s hoping we learn how it all links together in a later update.

Halo Infinite comes to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in holiday 2020. 


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