Activision has said Guitar Hero Live performed below expectations, but promises to continue supporting the music title.

Speaking during last night's earnings call, Activision CFO Dennis Durkin said "We did however experience lower than expected performance on Skylanders and Guitar Hero," before passing the conversation to CEO Eric Hirshberg.

"Guitar Hero Live is a fun, high-quality game that introduced innovative new game play to fans, including the GHTV platform, which keeps our community engaged and will allow us to cost-effectively deliver new content and build our installed base," he explained.

He added: "We plan to release new content, but not another full Guitar Hero console game this cycle."

Guitar Hero Live isn't the only new music title to have suffered over the holiday season, with Mad Catz confirming earlier this week that Rock Band 4 sales were lower than anticipated, attributing some blame on Activision's aggressive pricing of Guitar Hero - itself likely the result of lower than forecast sales.

Source: Activision Earning Call via Seeking Alpha