Guild Wars 2 will include over 1500 dynamic events and quests, according to lead content designer Colin Johansen.

Dynamic events are quests and challenges that allow users to bring permanent changes to the game environment.

"We're looking at having around 1500 events happen, so it's going to take people a long time to get through all of them," Johansen explained in an interview with LazyGamer.

"As for variation, we want each quest to be unique, so that's why you'll have specific objectives and tools with which to complete them."

Quests will also feature variable difficulty depending on your party's size and strength.

"For instance, if you fight the Pirate Queen at her stronghold, with a small party, you'll face off against her small army of undead skeletons. But if you want to gather a group of hundreds of players, then you'll need to storm her base from the front, take down her towers and board a ship that has magical cannons that you can fire at her base, before taking on her army."

Guild Wars 2 has no official release date. A mobile app is currently in the works.