With the launch of Guild Wars 2 fast approaching ArenaNet has detailed the world server choices players will have to make when they begin playing.

"Here at ArenaNet, we've always held that you should be able to play with your friends, whether they're next door or a continent away. Today we'd like to outline a number of policies and technologies we're implementing to support this belief," explained a Guild Wars 2 blog post.

There will be three major regional designations for the release of Guild Wars 2:

  • Europe: Defined as Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Players in these regions connect to the European datacentre.
  • North America: Defined as Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Players in these regions connect to the North American datacentre.
  • Other: All countries not already listed above will connect to the North American datacentre.

The very first time you start the game, you'll be asked to select your home world. By default the game will display the worlds that are hosted in your regional datacentre, but you will be able to select a home world from either region at this time.

In addition, at launch players will be able to transfer between worlds as they wish. However, once server populations have largely settled and stabilised, world transfers will be restricted to once a week and cost a variable amount of gems based on the population of the world being transferred to.

A free world guesting system - allowing players to visit other worlds as a guest of a friend - will be introduced at a later date.

Guild Wars 2 launches September 28.