With the Collector's Edition of Guild Wars 2 costing more outside of the US, NCsoft has placed the blame on taxes and distribution costs.

A representative has explained the issue to PC Gamer, stating the differences between North American and European pricing is simply due to the nature of the economy.

"Currency fluctuations, distribution costs, taxes and market conditions in addition to the cost of goods are all contributing factors when setting pricing. These vary dramatically between NA and EU and our pricing is competitive and adjusted accordingly."

Fans were initially worried about the pricing of the Special Edition as exchange rates made the US version seem much cheaper. However while the US version is priced at $150 pre-sales and taxes, the European version is $130 in the UK and already contains VAT.

The Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition includes a statue, five art prints, a Making Of hardback book, a Soundtrack CD, and five in-game items.

The MMO is due out this year.