Guild Wars 2 has now sold more than three million copies worldwide since its launch, ArenaNet has announced.

In addition, ArenaNet development team lead Colin Johanson has shared some of what the team has planned for Guild Wars 2 in 2013.

"To make playing in our open world worthwhile, we'll make it rewarding enough for players to spend their time there across all levels," explained Johanson in a new blog post. "It's extremely important that we stay true to our philosophy that you should be able to play Guild Wars 2 the way you want to play the game in order to reach the most powerful rewards.

"One of our focuses is expanding and leveraging our achievement system. The concept behind this is to allow players to earn new rewards for achievements, as well as progressing down achievement paths that take advantage of the open world experience. We'll add tokens for your achievement you can turn in to select from a list of rewards, including new reward types like ascended gear and infusions. We'll add support so daily achievements will be different each day of the week, which will help drive players to different areas of the world and play together. Later, we'll also be adding a system that lets you complete a subgroup of achievements to fulfil your daily. For example, if there are 6 daily achievements available, you'll only need to do 4 of the 6. So you can choose the achievements that you're most interested in.

"We'll continue to offer cosmetic rewards such as titles, medals (map complete), unique skins, etc. which will remain prizes earned for completing specific parts of the game. These will show off the prestige of your character, but will not make your character more powerful than other characters.

"As we look at developing new types of rewards further into 2013, we want to develop systems that are uniquely Guild Wars 2."

The video below outlines what's in store for the first half of the year.

Source: Press release