Guild Wars 2 takes inspiration from Valve's Team Fortress when it comes to the design of its class system, according to designers Ben Miller and Jon Peters.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Peters explained Team Fortress' influence on their upcoming MMO, stating:

"No-one would tell you that everyone in Team Fortress just does damage. No-one would say a Spy and a Heavy are the same because they both do damage. They're very different play-styles. They have a very good sense of purpose."

He went on to emphasise how the studio wanted to move on from the standard in MMO development to create only three general play-types: healer, DPS, and tank.

"I just detest dependency and the lack of teamwork it creates," Peters stated. "It seems awfully silly to get people to play together and then not have them interact other than to say 'are you doing your job?'"

"I'm the anti-healer person. I don't hate that people like to play support roles, it's just that I want that role to be fun. I don't think there's any teamwork - what there is is just dependency. [That's what] Guild Wars 2 combat is about. It's about organic teamwork and building stuff together."

Guild Wars 2 is out later this year. Check out our latest hands-on preview of the game's beta.