GTA: Vice City Stories box art and retail price

James Orry Updated on by

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GTA Vice City Stories, the follow-up to the hugely successful PSP and PS2 title, Liberty City Stories, will go on sale in North America on October 17 at $49.99. Here in the UK we’ll get it a few days later on October 20, for £34.99.

Rockstar has also revealed the game’s box art, which features a host of new characters, and what appears to be two familiar faces from Vice City. The two recognisable characters seem to be Umberto Robina, the Cuban gangster, and “Big” Mitch Baker, the Vietnam-veteran biker-gang leader.

Rockstar hasn’t said much at all about Vice City Stories, but we do know the game will feature an all-new story and new missions. As for which characters will star in the game, that’s still just a best guess.

Although down as a PSP exclusive title, given the success Liberty City Stories is having on the PS2, one would think that the same kind of port to the home console is a sure thing this time around as well, even if it’s not seen until 2007.