Rockstar has shoved a fresh GTA Online update out of the garage this afternoon, this time allowing you to get behind the wheel of the Pfister Neon Electric sportscar. As always, pop on down to Legendary Motor to claim the vehicle.

The main highlight is probably the new Adversary mode known as Hardest Target. Here, 4-16 players battle it out in an attempt to destroy the opposing team's 'target' while concurrently keeping their own one out of harm's reach. 

The target will swap up every now and then to keep you on your toes however, and there's double GTA$ and XP available until February 5. In addition, players can rake in bonus points for target-on-target kills. 

Elsewhere, Rockstar's offering a heap of Bunker discounts with 25 percent off the following goodies: Farmhouse Bunker, Thomson Scrapyard Bunker, Bunker Renovations, and Mobile Operation Centre Cabs. 

In addition, Special Cargo Warehouses and Executive Office Renovations are also 25 percent off, while Vehicles & Armour offer sizeable discounts on Cargobob, LF-22 Starling, Grotti Cheetah Classic, Vehicle Amour, and Bulletproof tires. 

Finally, this week's Premium Race comes in the shape of Rally (locked to sports) while the Time Trial is Casino. 

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