Rockstar Games has announced the latest round of updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, with this week's highlight coming in the shape of The Vespucci Job. 

This new game mode adds the diminutive Issi Classic, and sees players either attempting to scarper from the Old Bill while hitting checkpoints along the way, or taking control of a Police cruiser looking to put a stop to the vehicle's high-speed shenanigans. In addition, you can also earn double GTA$ and RP from today until April 23 while the event is ongoing.

Grand Theft Auto Online April 17, 2018 Discounts

Elsewhere, the Vapid Flash sports car is now available to snap up at Legendary Motorsport, while the aforementioned Issi Classic can be purchased at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. In addition, discounts are now available on Vehicles, Ammu-Nation, and Vehicle Upgrades, as seen above.

Finally, the Premium Race this week sees you tackling In the City (locked to Sports) while the Time Trial featured is Mount Gordo. 

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