Official modding support will be added to GRID 2 when the Community Patch is released in the coming weeks, Codemasters has confirmed.

Mod support wasn't previously expected to be a part of the update.

"We understand that there's a talented, vibrant and creative modding community out there working on our past and current titles, whether it's new custom liveries or various colours of tyre smoke and other creative endeavours, all accomplished without official support," wrote Codemasters. "These things don't go unnoticed at Codies and the whole team enjoy seeing what you guys come up with.

"Previously, some of our game's files were protected against modification. This was intended as a defence against cheating, mostly during online play, but also when setting lap times or earning achievements. When the modification of a protected file has been detected the game would disable online access, achievements and would also prevent any saving from occurring.

"However, we understand that many mods are made with absolutely no intent of inconveniencing other players. These guys want to play the game in their own way, but as it stood the game would not save their progress if they were to modify a protected file.

"So we've decided to assist these players by adding some basic support to the game that allows modified data and when enabled the game will now save your progress."

Mod supported saves will not be compatible with "online play, leaderboards, achievements and RaceNet functionality", however, in order to "protect the integrity of the main game".

Remember that this is Codemasters' first step at mod support, so it's looking for feedback from players in order to make improvements where possible.

There are also "no current plans" to support Steam Workshop, "but it is something we are discussing as our support for Modding continues".

The Community Patch is still without a release date, but Codies' says we should hear more on it soon.