A Grid 2 Community Patch is currently in development and is designed to address issues and suggestions raised by the game's players, Codemasters has announced.

The Community Patch is expected to roll out on all formats in August and includes:

Custom Playlist

An increase in the amount of experience and money you get for participating, with no hindrance to your online progression.

Hardcore Playlist

This playlist will remove the use of flashbacks and turn on full mechanical damage. It will also prioritise race events around circuits.

Level Cap

The online level cap will be raised from 30 to 99.

Fastest Lap Times

They will now display at the end of an event on the race results screen while playing online.

New Liveries

A host of new designs, including some of the AI designs from single player.

Maximum Laps

Increased the maximum from 5 up to 10.

Veto Weighting

Vetos are now much fairer and only require 51% of the lobby to make the vote for a change to occur.

Voice Option

You can now mute your own microphone.

Country Flags

A player's country flag will now be displayed next to their name plate while racing and on the event results screen.

Clean Race Bonus

The amount of money rewarded for racing clean has been increased.

Skip the Level up Graphic

You'll now be able to skip this at the press of a button.


Hopeful the leaderboards within the game will now be free of those who have to use illegitimate means to succeed.

Furthermore, Demolition Derby is making a return, and it will be free on all platforms.

And finally, Codemasters has confirmed that two track packs, featuring two of the most requested circuits will be released in the coming months. Each pack will contain a circuit, some cars, new Achievements and trophies.

Source: Codies Blog