GRID 2's cockpit cam was removed because of the technical limitations of current-gen consoles, Codemasters has stated.

Speaking to FirstLook, GRID 2 producer Vincent Muelle claimed that the removal of the cockpit cam, which has been present in almost all of Codemasters' racing games throughout this generation, "was a really big decision" for the team, but that its removal allowed Codemasters "to push other things in the game".

"If we just had to do this game for PC we obviously would have a cockpit cam," Muelle said, "but we only have so much power to play with [referring to consoles].

"We'd prefer to focus on the race experience, and that unfortunately lead us to make some difficult decisions regarding the cockpit cam."

Removing the camera view has let Codemasters enhance the game's graphics, Muelle claims.

"[Its removal] allows us to be able to push other things in the game, like with the visuals," he continued. "We've been able to extend point-to-point events, we've been able to add more cars to the track, and that's really pushing things forward. It's a good decision for the game and we don't regret it.

He added: "We have complete respect for those that use a cockpit cam, but we need to look at the whole aspect of the game."

Codemasters faced criticism from some fans following news of the camera's removal last year. But in a statement posted last August, executive producer Clive Moody claimed that "only 5 per cent of Codemasters Racing game players ever used the in-car view".

"We certainly don't want to alienate any of our fans we want to deliver truly exciting features that 100% of our players will enjoy," he continued.

"Videogame development is always about trade-offs and in this case, taking the hard decision to lose the in-car views for 5% of our players (and remember we still have bonnet cam and bumper cam, which many people with racing wheels use), is something we felt was more beneficial to everyone."

GRID 2 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on May 31.