The Wii re-imagining of GoldenEye seems be coming along nicely, but Activision isn't too keen on the idea of bringing the game to other platforms.

"We would really hope that everyone who wants to play it will go and play it this year," said Julian Widdows, executive producer at Activision. "We've spent so much time and effort, personal time and effort... you know, kids have been born! There's a list of GoldenEye babies somewhere! This is the console we've made it for."

Widdows' comments, made whilst speaking to at a preview event in London today, will disappoint anyone who was hoping that the game might eventually appear on the PS3 or 360. Still, Widdows refused to rule out the possibility entirely.

"Never say never! " he said. "Who knows? Things happen, don't they, with big publishers? But for the time being it's all about the Wii, and that's really how we hope people will go and experience it, because that's how it's been built. It's not been built for the PS3 and Xbox 360, it's been built for this."

GoldenEye, which is being developed by Eurocom, was presented alongside Bloodstone - the new Bond game from Bizarre Creations. We'll be running previews of both titles later in the week.

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