Sucker Punch stated that the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima will not feature a morality meter like inFamous and inFamous Second Son (via PlayStation LifeStyle).

Why? Well, it wouldn’t have worked with the story that Sucker Punch is telling of the Mongol invasion of Japan in the late 13th century. Though the protagonist, Jin, is able to choose between the combat styles of the Ghost and the Samurai, his character does not “flip flop back and forth,” said creative director and art director Jason Connell. In fact, the game seems to show off a flexible approach to exploration and narrative, as the player is able to select from the Ghost and the Samurai styles simultaneously. 

“There’s definitely important story moments that are more reflective of this change than others. But the reality is that even as you have gotten to some story moments, you can still play the game as this Samurai, you may just be more potent or more powerful. We don’t make you choose between [samurai and Ghost],” explained Connell.

“When he’s a Ghost, he can turn around and play as a samurai because he’s always a samurai. All his training, using the Katana, that stuff is buried in him deep. On the stealth, if you wanted to jump off the roof and start fighting like a samurai, you could totally do that. We don’t spec you out and suddenly you can’t play as a samurai. He’s always at his core, his heart of hearts, a samurai. The Ghost is this legendary warrior that he’s evolving into,” concluded the director. 

Ghost of Tsushima will be released for the PlayStation 4 on July 17. 

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