Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the classic Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain series, is celebrating its 25th anniversary by raising money for charity with a bunch of game bundles. 

You can pledge money on the Tiltify page, and get a bundle of classic games in return. The Classics bundle of Kain games includes Soul Reaver and Blood Omen 2. I'll buy that for a dollar! And I can, because that's how much it costs. 

The Tomb Raider bundle includes the 2013 reboot for just $15, and if you're feeling fancy the Anniversary bundle is $25 dollars and includes both of the other two. They're all available until the end of the month, July 31.

Funds raised through the sale of these bundles will be going to Game Changer, an American charity that, among other things, gives games and electronics to children undergoing hospital treatment, and provides scholarships to cancer survivors.

Meanwhile Crystal Dynamics is looking to the future and, according to co-head of studio Ron Rosenberg, the team are 'excited to bring our passion and craftsmanship to even more games including the 'Avengers’ project.'

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