by on Oct 23, 2019

Gears 5 Pumpkin Ball multiplayer mode kicks off its spooky season

The Coalition cordially invites Gears 5 players to the Pumpkin Ball: the new Halloween multiplayer mode that unlocks the Frankenstein's Imago skin (via Game Rant).

Most recently, the COG Gear, the DeeBee, the Warden, and General RAAM have been added as unlockable characters to the Gears 5 multiplayer modes. And, Terminator model Rev-9 and Grace are available to purchase to get people excited for Terminator Dark Fate, though it will set players back a pricey $19.99. The reverse-Horde mode, Escape, is updated on a weekly basis and may feature one of the collection of player-created maps

Rod Fergusson, studio head at The Coalition, said that the team is ‘learning as we go’ in response to the discontentment regarding Gears 5’s first battle pass. Players felt that the progression system wasn’t satisfying and rewards included characters skins lifted from the main campaign. ‘This is a completely different economy from Gears 4 (removed Gear packs) so it will take a little time to work through any issues,’ Fergusson explained. ‘Our first attempt is not our last and we will continue to evolve until we get it right.’

Gears 5 is out now for PC and Xbox One.


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