by on Nov 8, 2019

Gears 5 anniversary celebrations brings back Golden Gun mode

The latest update for Gears 5 celebrates the thirteenth anniversary of the original Gears of War and bundles in the Golden Gun mode with rewards, along with bug fixes and improvements (via Twinfinite). 

The Coalition promises a bumper pack of content with Operation 2 in December, but for now, players will be happy to see the return of the classic Gears 4 Versus mode, Golden Gun. In these matches, everyone has a six round, overpowered Boltok that’ll insta-kill the poor soul pinged by it. But, players can only hip-fire. If they kill an enemy, a bullet magically materialises in the chamber, but if they miss, they’ll be waiting a while for the reload. 

From today until November 11, three free days of Boost and a free event-exclusive COG Tag Bloodspray will be rewarded to all Gears 5 players who log in within that window. Double Tour Stars will begin from November 8 to November 11, so best hop to it. 

Moreover, Title Update 2 will implement improvements to the Ranked system that was suffering with a ‘discrepancy between a player’s Skill Points rating and their actual Skill Rating’. All players’ ranks will be reset to rectify the ‘dramatic point swings’, but The Coalition is offering the Blood Moon Imago skin free of charge so long as players log in before the end of Operation 1. ‘We know this move may upset some of you, but it’s necessary in order to achieve the long-term positive experience we all expect from Ranked,’ the developer explained. ‘This is a critical step in our ongoing work to make Ranked the best it possibly can be.’

Finally, there are a multitude of bug fixes that are coming with the latest update, improving the consistency of the Boomshot, flashbangs, weapon drops, and the Weapons Locker deleting weapons on occasion. 

Gears 5 is out now for Xbox One and PC. Read the patch notes in full here.


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