Gearbox designer says ‘there isn’t Borderlands without Brothers in Arms’

Gearbox designer says ‘there isn’t Borderlands without Brothers in Arms’
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In an interview with Xbox Achievements, Gearbox managing producer of development Chris Brock stated that WWII first person shooter Brothers in Arms paved the way for its irreverent, cel-shaded looter-shooter Borderlands.

The last mainline entry to Brothers in Arms was back in 2008, Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway. Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 was intended to be its sequel but was cancelled after a rocky development journey and Gearbox’s pivot to Battleborn. When asked whether Brothers in Arms was well and truly over, Brock revealed that the gritty tactical first person shooter is not necessarily pushing up daisies.

‘I cannot get into the details of that one very specifically,’ he said. ‘Brothers in Arms is still one of our properties, it’s still very important to us. That is the franchise that put us on the map.’ He then added that despite their stark differences, Brothers in Arms is credited for laying the groundwork for the Borderlands series.

‘There isn’t Borderlands without Brothers in Arms,’ Brock stated. ‘It’s funny because with Borderlands we mashed together shooters and RPGs – people forget that with Brothers in Arms we mashed together shooters and, like, RTS tactical games. We really do like doing our genre mash-ups. I imagine at some point, some day, we’ll get back to that.’

Gearbox’s next release is Borderlands 3, launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 13. Rich played a few hours of the new game, and he thinks Moze is the bee’s knees. Watch the preview below: