GAME and the website have no stock of Namco Bandai's Nintendo distributed Tekken 3D Prime Edition, meaning gamers who expected the title today are gameless, reports Eurogamer.

A GAME source has revealed that a memo was sent to staff this morning confirming the lack of availability, with Nintendo said to have been late in delivering stock to the GAME warehouse. It's not known when stock of the game will arrive.

GAME has also confirmed the lack of stock, releasing the following statement to Eurogamer.

"There is lots happening in our stores and online this weekend. We have exciting new releases including UFC Undisputed 3, and some great half term deals including £50 off Kinect and big reductions on chart-topping EA titles.

"The exception is Tekken for 3DS, which is not in stock, and we have apologised to any customers this has affected."

Namco Bandai has refused to comment, instead pointing the figure at Nintendo, itself yet to comment.

There's nothing to suggest this is related to GAME's previous credit insurance problems, while at the same time placing the blame on Nintendo's distribution is unfair given we don't know all the facts.