The upcoming class changes planned for The Elder Scrolls Online have been detailed in a new blog post by Zenimax Online.

"We take extra time with class and ability balance issues and bugs, and we have to be very careful not to do too much too quickly or balance can swing wildly," explains the blog. "All your feedback is taken seriously, and we'll continue to work on character build and balance issues on an ongoing basis."

The major changes are coming to the Dragonknight and Nightblades. Zenimax Online says the Dragonknight is "still a bit stronger than intended," and players should expect small changes over time. The blog assures players that the class will not be 'nerfed into Oblivion'.

By contrast Nightblades are underpowered, and players can expect small changes over time until its abilities "fall in line with other class abilities".

The blog also notes that ultimate spamming is a problem in PvP, and is something it will be addressing on an ongoing basis.