Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online, a new multi-player, third-person, cover-based tactical shooter will be released free-to-play, beginning this summer with a closed beta, Ubisoft has announced.

Ghost Recon Online is developed by Ubisoft Singapore, and promises all the best qualities of the Ghost Recon franchise in a downloadable, dynamic, PC-based online game.

The game offers players the ability to choose between three different classes of Ghost, customise their weapons, deploy cutting-edge military technology, and share intel with their team. Players will also have access to a rich lobby platform for hosting social and persistent progression features.

Publisher Ubisoft plans to back the game will a full set of services, including regular events and game content updates, customised content based on community feedback and live support.

We're told the game's visuals will rival the quality of those seen in retail games.

"The online market is an exciting new frontier for video games and for gamers," said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer at Ubisoft. "With Ghost Recon Online, and other major upcoming projects, Ubisoft is creating online experiences that allow our fans to stay connected to their favourite brands and to continually receive new content and gameplay. This direct link with our fans will allow us to create new and ever better experiences for them."

While the game will be playable for free, players can also purchase premium items and fully personalise their experience.

Check out the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online Announcement Trailer.

Players can sign up for the closed beta and find more information on the game at