Eidos Interactive has announced that Gauntlet, a modern reworking of the classic fantasy hack and slash arcade title, is to be release for Nintendo DS later this year.

The game is set in a fantasy universe where players can choose to play as the four classic heroes: Elf, Warrior, Wizard and Valkyrie. Each has strengths and weaknesses, along with special abilities.

Much of Gauntlet's fun has always been had when played cooperatively with other players, and thankfully the new DS version from Backbone Entertainment will include a Wi-Fi cooperative mode enabling four players to hack their way through 40 maps spanning three fantasy realms. Gauntlet also promises to include Voiceover IP, enabling players to easily communicate with their online friends using the DS microphone.

The multiplayer doesn't stop with co-op, Gauntlet offering ranked multiplayer games, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Treasure Hoard.

Gauntlet is set for release on Nintendo DS later this year.