Turn 10 community manager Che Chou has begun the hype train for the studio's next project - thought to be Forza Motorsport 3.

We're yet to see anything on the new title, but in Pitpass Report Volume 98 Chou notes that the team is doing things he never thought possible on the Xbox 360.

"There's stuff being worked on here at Turn 10 that I simply can't talk about right now, but the progress we've made in the last six months has been absolutely incredible," enthused Chou. "The fact that we're working on our second game for Xbox 360 means our software architects have figured out ways to push the 360 in ways I didn't think were possible in terms of both visuals and performance."

Chou continued: "You'll pardon me if I sound a little excited, because, frankly, I'm frickin' psyched."

We're hoping E3 will bring with it the first info on the new game and there's also the promise of a special 100th edition of the Pitpass Report which should be online around July 17.