Epic Games continues to keep adding more to its online shooter Fortnite, differentiating it more and more from its Battle Royale genre peers. However, this month also sees a couple of feature additions to the co-operative Save the World mode included as well.

The update is headlined by the addition of specific Xbox One X enhancements, meaning the game can now be played in 4K on the system as well as improving reflections, higher quality post processing effects and increased draw distances among other graphical tweaks bringing it on par with the PC's 'Epic' quality settings.

Elsewhere, the Battle Royale mode sees two main additions in the form of Smoke Grenades which are exactly what you'd expect in addition to new online leaderboards measuring score and global wins.

The Save the World mode meanwhile gets a bunch of new 'Vindertech' weapons including an energy sword, an axe and a giant rocket hammer. The recent Halloween Fortnitemares mode has been put to bed, replaced with the return of Mutant Storm events that see random modifiers applied as players attempt to defeat waves of mutant attacks.

The patch has just gone live earlier today, although it appears it's caused a slight hiccup with server load causing the game to have its stats disabled for a little while while the issues are being investigated. In the meantime, you can read the full patch notes here.

Elsewhere, Epic are currently having to deal with angry parents while taking legal action against Fortnite cheaters.

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